Sunday, December 16, 2012

Importing Keywords

Importing keywords is a simple process. Keywords are stored in text files that can be exported to/from Lightroom with minimal effort. Keyword lists can be found online and can usually be downloaded for a minimal fee*

Below is a step by step on how to import any set of keywords to your Lightroom Catalog:
  • In the Develop module, under the Metadata drop-down menu, select Import Keywords ... 
  • Search for the specific keywords text file, and click Choose to import the keywords.

  • As the keywords load, you may get a message that states some of the characters used are not allowed. Click OK and Lightroom will convert them to acceptable characters. 
  • Notice that the keywords now appear under the Keyword List menu on the right panel. 

*Rusticulous offers more than 10 lists for free - including one for birds of North America. I recommend downloading the North America Birds (flat list of species).